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I'm a leadership coach for talented people and their systems. And I train some of them to be coaches. Working with me, you can count on creativity, curiosity, humor, optimism and challenge. Our key ingredients are your growing awareness, your willingness to try things, and our relationship.

In a couple of months a new wave of graduates will be making their entrance. And I’ve been thinking about what kind of coaching would help them. Remember your twenties? If that question made you smile, maybe you lived them … Continue reading

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Which Way Do You Look?

“I’m not doing another not-fun job ever!” She says with so much emphasis I laugh out loud. She’s fifty-something, successful, confident and skilled in her craft. A leader in her profession. And like so many of the people I work … Continue reading

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5 Big Questions

I have a new client who inspires me. Michael is one of those twenty-somethings aka “Millennials” whom I wrote about earlier this year. He is a member of that most documented, photographed, bubble-wrapped, awarded and applauded of generations. (So far, … Continue reading

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Who’s better at catching a Frisbee?

My clients demonstrate to me every day that human beings love accomplishment. And that along with accomplishment, we love acknowledgment. In this morning’s Wall Street Journal an article used the Frisbee metaphor to explain that as rules and analysis become … Continue reading

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A Rowing Coach Has to Decide . . .

A 13 foot oar hangs from the ceiling in my office on Lake Union. It was used for years in the big racing shells that row past my office, through the Montlake Cut and into Lake Washington. For ten years … Continue reading

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I’ll miss you Nora Ephron.

‎”At a certain point in your life you have to know that if things are ok, at some point they won’t be. In the meantime, do all the things that you say you want to do when you have those … Continue reading

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Our graduates are in trouble . . .

You know if I blog twice in one month, something has to be especially compelling. So here goes. (This isn’t all doom and gloom–read all the way through to the end.) I’ve been thinking about this year’s graduates. Here are … Continue reading

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The Gold Standard of Great Coaching

It’s true. Finding a coach who knows the craft and who “gets” you is key. But that’s not the main ingredient in a great coaching relationship. This week I got a letter from one of my favorite clients. Like most … Continue reading

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What’s so Good? . . .

About “Good Friday”? I guess it depends on what you mean by “Good”. It really is a very big word. Since Good Friday is a Christian deal, (and I am one), today is when we think about forgiveness, relationship, having … Continue reading

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Every Four Years . . .

. . . it seems like I make a big change. Maybe it’s the embedded high-school-then-undergraduate habit. Maybe it’s temperament or attention span. I like to think of it as aspirational restlessness. Whatever, it’s just happened again. Right on schedule. … Continue reading

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Nice Résumé Old-Timer

I remember my first résumé. I think it looked a little random, with lots of sweet-teenager factoids. I included my parent’s address and phone number and typed it on an extra-nice piece of paper. No typos, which took several careful … Continue reading

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Remaining alive

I confess to a little life-reflecting this morning. So far, this quote by Edith Wharton is the quote of the day. She probably wasn’t think about Christmas when she wrote it, but it fits. “In spite of illness, in spite … Continue reading

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Some of My Favorite Pilgrims are Indians

A few years ago I was in London during Thanksgiving. Or as it’s known there, Thursday. Having planned ahead, my American friends and I were equipped with a large candle in the shape of a turkey. And we placed it … Continue reading

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Examining Your Adventure

I’m sure you’ve read this quote before: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates said that at his trial for heresy. Friday is my birthday. In fact it’s a particular birthday. I first thought about this one as a … Continue reading

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An Entrepreneur’s 10,000 Hours

In the inbox this morning was a note from one of my favorite entrepreneurs. Steven has turned a passionate avocation into a business, and he wrote, “A year ago today, we were exhausted from three years of work…And a year … Continue reading

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What’s Your Story?

We are wired for stories. Stories are featured in our best moments of learning, we tell them to calm ourselves down, to join with other people, to make sense of things and to honor the few decades we get on … Continue reading

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Best Reads Links and Podcasts

All week I’ve been asking people how they’re doing with the headlines. Most seem to be retrenching into the tried-and-true wisdom of their lives. And a few are exploring how they can use this moment in history to enrich their … Continue reading

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Who’s in Your Corner?

I spent yesterday afternoon with a dozen people who are in my corner. I bet you know the type. They cheer when you walk in, expect you to be your best most of the time and don’t write you off … Continue reading

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Just One Last Thing . . .

My all-time favorite TV detective died today. For most of the hour, Peter Falk’s Columbo would watch and listen and take in information. And then he would pay a visit to the always-dapper-and-dismissive guest villain. Ever so gently, he would begin to muse about … Continue reading

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I just spent a few minutes listening to Conan O’Brien’s commencement address at Dartmouth College last Sunday. If you don’t have time to just laugh, go to16:16. At that point, if you’re like me, you’ll stop and listen (for the … Continue reading

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