Just One Last Thing . . .

My all-time favorite TV detective died today.

For most of the hour, Peter Falk’s Columbo would watch and listen and take in information. And then he would pay a visit to the always-dapper-and-dismissive guest villain. Ever so gently, he would begin to muse about his conclusions. And then came the moment. Columbo would start to leave and then he would turn, pause, raise an index finger scrunch up his face and say, “Just one last thing . . .” This came just before he calmly explained to the bad guy what crime he’d committed and how he’d done it.

As a young woman watching in the 70’s, I watched and learned.

  • Good things happen when you listen calmly with all of your senses,
  • You can do good work and keep a light heart all at the same time,
  • And conflict can be gentle and still effective.

Click here to see the master in action . . .

Rest in peace Mr. Falk.




About SeattleCoach

I'm a leadership coach for talented people and their systems. And I train some of them to be coaches. Working with me, you can count on creativity, curiosity, humor, optimism and challenge. Our key ingredients are your growing awareness, your willingness to try things, and our relationship.
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